Thank you notes

He is a wonderful and accomplished yoga teacher, and also a very special person. Warm, empathetic, and kind. Thank you Yen, you made my experience very special. – Deirdre

Yen explained the function of different poses clearly and helped to correct or deepen the stretch for me when needed. His selection of poses also helped worked on my sore areas. Highly recommend! – Sarah

Yen’s Yin Yoga classes have completely changed my mind about Yin Yoga. I love it now and I cannot wait to start teaching this style of yoga as well.- Camilla

Yen has provided the most loving and kind light – he inspired me to lean into my truth and share that with the world. I’m grateful for him to have been on this journey of mine. – Anna

What can I say about Yen and his classes? So much! I feel like he puts so much thought into each class. It’s seamless with the music, the poses, and the words he uses. – Nikki

Thank you Yen, through you I experienced how a yoga teacher should really be – not just guiding you through the sequence but also helping students explore more about themselves. Thank you for getting me to love Yin Yoga classes so much! – Nadina

Yen is one of a kind! Just his natural way of being is what makes him special – and that’s what you can feel in his classes: gentle, loving, caring, and inspiring. I couldn’t have wished for a better Yin Yoga teacher! – Jolie

Thank you Yen for all the knowledge and your beautiful, inspiring energy. I have learnt so much about mindful practice, passionate teaching, and being authentic from you. – Radiana

Totally loved all of your classes Yen. You have the most amazing vibe and I have learned so much from you. Thank you so much. – Alice

I love your knowledge and passion for yoga. Your classes are so perfectly sequenced! I appreciate all your help and will continue to learn from you. –Sara

Yen is a beautiful yoga teacher in and out of class. His presence and aura make you feel comfortable and safe and he has an incredibly kind nature. Thank you Yen for making me fall in love with the mindful part of yoga. – Amanda

Thank you for introducing me to Yin Yoga and helping me discover its benefits and beauty. Thank you for always being present and giving it your 110% in every class. – Anastasia

At the end of his classes, I felt as if my soul was purified. My body felt healed and refreshed. This was something new in the world of yoga for me, and I find myself waiting for his classes every day. – Julia

Yen has an innate kindness and gentleness within, and he creates a beautiful safe space for anyone taking his classes. – Joanna