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Just you and me. At mine or yours.
Light massage included.


Online classes you can tune into, wherever you are in the world.


If you prefer practising with others, here's where to find me.

Yoga is not about the shape of your body but the shape of your life.

To know if your yoga practice has improved, look not at your ability to perform difficult postures, but how your practice has changed your life and your relationships.

To me, yoga is not about performance, but how we live. It doesn’t care about where we’ve been, but who we are becoming. Let’s embody our practice in our lives, in how we tend to ourselves and to the people around us.

Thank you notes

Totally loved all of your classes Yen.
You have the most amazing vibe and I have learnt so much from you. Thank you so much.
I love your knowledge and passion for yoga. Your classes are so perfectly sequenced! I appreciate all your help and will continue to learn from you.
Yen’s Yin Yoga classes have completely changed my mind about Yin Yoga. I love it now and I cannot wait to start teaching this style of yoga.



Yoga Teacher

My practice is rooted in mind-body connection, strength and self-love, with international certifications in Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga and Yoga Anatomy. Before yoga, I worked as a journalist after graduating from Columbia University in New York.


I’m Charlie and I’m 10 years old. When I was a kitty, I was found in a drain in Chai Chee. I spent a year at the shelter before Yen came by and brought me home with him! He’s all right. I love yoga mats more than yoga but most of all, I love belly rubs!

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